Today, media and social networks are part of the daily life of companies, organizations, professionals, all sectors combined. Make yourself known, promote your activities, services, and products or even your brands, optimize your visibility on the web, etc.; the possibilities offered by these communication channels are numerous.

In addition, they also constitute means which make it possible to cultivate proximity with prospects and customers as well as with the various interlocutors such as financial and institutional partners. And finally, these are particularly effective tools for building a good image on the Internet (e-reputation) and maintaining it to stand out from your competitors.

For those who want to explore all the opportunities offered by social media platforms, using services of a Social media marketing company in New York is the best option. For several years, we have been the privileged partner of SMEs, growth companies, and large groups in the context of communication and social media marketing campaigns.

If you are looking to boost your traffic, you need to find a Social Media Marketing company in New York. We, a digital and social media agency, will offer you personalized services developed to meet your needs and requirements. The agency is able to provide you with its expertise not only on large-scale operations on community management but also on the management of advertising campaigns on these social networks. A dedicated team will take charge of your projects and ensure the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

Social Media Marketing Service in New York

Our services relating to communication and social media marketing include event operations, community management, customer relations, Social Ads campaigns and the creation of social media charters.

Our Social Media Marketing Company in New York is also a reliable partner for all types of projects: digital strategies (corporate social networks, employer brand, project management assistance), digital transformation, e-reputation (monitoring, audit, mapping, crisis communication, and Personal Branding). All our strategies are developed according to the businesses, needs, and objectives of our clients. The dedicated teams will also listen to your comments and your requirements throughout the project.

Auditing Your Social Networks

The audit of social media offers an overview of the current performance of your social media accounts and those of your competition. This step helps identify potential areas for improvement in your social media marketing. The data and statistics collected during this audit serve as the basis for the development of your communication strategy on social networks.

Developing Your Social Media Strategy

The social media strategy is to define the specific objectives of your company on social media. Once these objectives have been defined, we create with you a tailor-made plan allow the actions that help you to achieve your objectives.

Content Creation and Promotion

Creating pages on social networks gives your company more visibility on the platforms your target customers use most. Stand out from the competitor with our personalized social media marketing services.

Managing Your Social Media Accounts

The management of the platform by the Social Network Manager ensures that rich, engaging, and targeted content is published regularly. Our SMM services are responsible for animating pages and interacting with subscribers and visitors to build trust with viewers.

Advertising on Social Networks

Advertising on social networks is a way to increase notoriety and awareness. Our dedicated team will optimize your social media ads and improve your return on investment.


Calling on an expert social media agency in New York for a social media marketing project is the best solution to ensure its success. Our specialists have a good knowledge of the opportunities presented by social media in the context of communication, marketing, advertising, and e-reputation.

Our experts will thus be able to create strategies adapted to each case submitted to him, according to the various elements to be taken into account. It can also help select the preferred platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), whether for a specific campaign or for regular operations.

The digital agency also controls the constraints of using these channels and the risks for advertisers. Our expertise in crisis management on social networks is a guarantee for many of our clients who call on our Social media marketing company in New York to support them on the “communication” part of this viral crisis management.

In any case, the choice of the provider is always to be made with care. A social media marketing company in New York is a digital agency specializing in social networks in New York. The agency puts its skills and experience in the field of social media marketing at the disposal of its loyal clients.

Choosing a Social media marketing company as your social media management partner allows you to have the following social media agencies:

  • Adapt to the reality of your business and your industry to submit a strategy that perfectly matches your goals.
  • We support social networks on the basis of a strong strategy defined by certified professionals.
  • Cooperation based on trust and transparency. Thanks to common management tools, we can follow our progress in real-time and remain the ultimate decision-maker in all situations.
  • We don’t sign a contract. If you feel that the consequences of our actions on your social networks do not meet your ambitions, you are free to stop working with us anytime. We automatically return all your intellectual property to you.

Increase business opportunities on social media. Tell us about your project and contact us for a free evaluation.


There are many tools such as Pinterest, Twitter, Quora, etc., where you can search for content by keywords, number of words, site, author, and more. With these tools, you can take your content to the next level. More targeted and more relevant, they help you find the topic your audience wants to read. Result: Your site gets more traffic, and the notoriety is constantly growing!

Yes, social networks can be lead generators. In other words, if followers of your ads take insert in your ads then they will be transformed into end customers. Pay attention to what is said about you on all networks, and do not forget to take care of the community by providing unique content that is particularly relevant.

Social media marketing or SMM refers to the tools and practices used in social networks to increase awareness of a brand or business on the one hand and to initiate and manage web conversations within one or more audiences on the other. This web marketing expert is born out of increased use of social networks and blogs and is specifically about providing high-value content to internet users that they can share with network members. The quality and originality of this disseminated information increase the awareness of brands and companies with a targeted community.

Depending on your short-term and long-term goals, SEO and SEM are two complementary concepts, each of which forms an integral part of your web marketing strategy.

Short term: SEM campaigns are important when you want to start a new site and get traffic “right” from the start. You need instant visibility to attract qualified leads until you gain long-term credibility online.

Long term: The credibility of your site builds over time, and being on the first page of Google results requires a long and lasting effort. This is where SEO, especially content marketing, is important. The purpose is to focus on creating high quality and relevant content on a regular basis so that your site is ranked by search engines.

Recognizing the importance of long-term efforts, we will gradually shift our web marketing strategy to SEO, including the creation of strategically enhanced content on social media.

Delivering the right message to the right audience is what all marketing should do, and social media can work for you. It is suitable for all companies, but you need to know if it is right for you.

In some cases, the use of social media marketing may not actually harm your business by not providing social proof by optimizing your account or by poor information management. Contact an expert.

In the world of digital marketing, SMO and SMM are important. While SMO focuses on improving site performance on social media, SMM focuses on on-site branding and promotion. While SMO emphasizes the social sharing of your site, SMM is researching to find opportunities for your site. SMOs form an organic part, while SMMs form an inorganic part of social media. SMO attracts more visitors, but SMM continues to attract visitors to your site. Some say that SMO is part of SMM, while others say that SMM is the next step in SMO.